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Share Preferences
Share Preferences

Tell us your favorites things, and we send your preferences to a local expert in your travel destination.

Receive Itinerary
Receive Itinerary

Receive a customized travel itinerary with the best local expert recommendations.

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Offset Travel Footprint

100% of proceeds are donated to support the mission and causes of local nonprofits in your destination.

Your perfect trip

  • Receive tailored recommendations based on your tastes and interests.
  • Discover hard to find local experiences uncovered by our trusted experts.
  • Available in over 180 cities around the world.

$ 25 USD

per travel day

Traveler living in Chile sends travel preferences for a trip to Russia
Local Expert in Russia sends custom travel itinerary to traveler
Traveler living in United States sends travel preferences for a trip to Germany
Local Expert in Germany sends custom travel itinerary to traveler
Traveler living in South Africa sends travel preferences for a trip to Mexico
Local Expert in Mexico sends custom travel itinerary to traveler
Itineraries For Good

Tell us where you’re going, what you’re into, and even your pillow preference, and we’ll have a local expert send you a customized travel itinerary jam-packed with priceless personal recommendations.

You order a custom itinerary for your trip, and we will donate all proceeds to a local nonprofit in your travel destination.

What you will receive
  • Travel itinerary in PDF format.
  • A trip tailored specifically to you.
  • Additional recommendations if needed.
  • Links to book all recommended activities.
  • Delivery in 3 days.

The Social Impact App

Discover a more rewarding travel experience. Book cultural experiences, take part in social action campaigns, and order custom itineraries – all benefiting local nonprofits in your travel destination.

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