Help Students in Need so They Can Persist in Their Education

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides direct aid to students facing critical food insecurity during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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Food is sometimes more than food. It sustains and empowers. SMC Foundation’s MEAL PROJECT is stepping up to help Santa Monica College students in need, including students formerly in foster care, homeless students, and Veterans, so they can persist in their education throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

The Foundation serves as a valuable resource to the dozens of academic and student programs across all campuses.

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The MEAL PROJECT serves SMC students who need immediate assistance - from first-generation college students, former foster youth, veterans, and single parents to our older adult Emeritus students.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • Prior to coronavirus, an estimated 50% or upward of 15,000 students at SMC often forego at least one meal per day due to the lack of affordable and healthy dining options on or near campus.
  • 31,000 pursuing degrees in 100+ majors.
  • 52% are first-generation college students.
  • 75% qualify for tuition assistance.
  • 73% are racially minoritized.
SDG in Action SDG in Action

Your impact donation is helping to achieve the below Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

  • SDG4 Quality Education
  • SDG2 Zero Hunger
  • SDG1 No Poverty


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Santa Monica College Foundation

Founded in 1956, the Santa Monica College Foundation is a separate, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. It is through this portal that private, tax-deductible donations are made for the benefit of Santa Monica College and its entities.

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Help Students in Need so They Can Persist in Their Education

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