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More than 1 in every 5 Georgia kids live in a food-insecure household. Many low-income families do not have the resources to have enough food on the table every day, and this can often lead to mental and physical stress and consequences for all family members involved. These struggling families can be fed by providing them with nutritious meals provided by our food bank. Further, we have partnered with agencies that include food pantries, community kitchens, childcare centers, night shelters, and senior centers who all receive food products from us. These partner agencies provide food and other critical resources for low-income Georgians who suffer from hunger and food insecurity.

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Many low-income families in the United States do not have the resources to have enough food on the table to provide for their entire family. These families and communities can be positively impacted by providing nutritious food to the people who need it. The food bank can not only provide these families with daily essentials but helps them build a healthier, stronger community free of hunger.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • More than 1 in every 5 Georgia kids live in food-insecure households
  • Each year, an estimated 755,400 (1 in 7) people in metro Atlanta and north Georgia turn to Food Bank partner agencies for food. Clients visit agencies an average of 8 times a year
  • In 2017, 40 million people struggled with hunger in the United States
SDG in Action SDG in Action

Your impact donation is helping to achieve the below Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

  • SDG2 Zero Hunger


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Atlanta Community Food Bank

While our core work is food distribution, our efforts extend far beyond that. Our mission is lived out every day through seven projects that help engage, educate, and empower both people in need and those who want to help. From supporting community gardens to assisting people in finding economic security, the Food Bank covers a wide range of opportunities for people to learn and get involved.

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Fund Meals for Struggling Families

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