Provide HIV Self-Test Kits to Stop the Spread of Aids

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides HIV Self-Test Kids to Malawi’s Umunthu Foundation to help stop the spread of AIDS.

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Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, has the highest rates of HIV prevalence than any other country, with 9.2% of their population diagnosed with HIV. Globally, 37.9 million people are living with HIV and 21% aren’t aware of their HIV status. The HIV virus attacks the cells in the immune system, destroying our body’s natural defence against illness. Antiretroviral treatments can save lives as it stops the HIV virus from attacking the cells of the immune system. An early diagnosis means the patient can start the antiretroviral treatments at an early stage of HIV, allowing the immune system to maintain its strength to fight off infections and diseases. This means those diagnosed with HIV can still live a long healthy life. However, the stigma associated with HIV in Malawi prevents many people from getting tested and starting the treatment before the virus attacks too many cells in the immune system. Avert, whose mission is to reduce the number of HIV infections worldwide, partners with local organisations to provide HIV and AIDS education programs, various HIV testing options and prevention and treatment services. HIV self-test kits are able to reach more people while also offering privacy and convenience, allowing people to take antiretroviral treatment to prevent damage to the immune system and reduce the risk of transmission to help stop the AIDS epidemic.

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Millions of people around the world are unaware of their HIV status, creating a big health concern due to the severe deterioration of the immune system during the HIV progression. As around 500,000 children in Malawi are orphans due to the AIDS epidemic, it’s crucial that HIV self-test kits are widely available for the Malawian population. Legal, cultural and socio-economic barriers like poverty, gender inequality, discrimination and lack of access to education, healthcare and equal rights continue to prevent many from undergoing HIV testing and starting treatment, which is fatal.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of HIV than anywhere else in the world with 19.6 million
  • Women in Sub-Saharan Africa aged 15-24 are twice as likely to have HIV than men
  • Antiretroviral treatment can reduce levels of the HIV virus where it is undetectable in blood tests. This prevents transmission of HIV
  • AIDS is the last stage of HIV, where their immune system is far too weak to fight off infections or diseases. The cases of AIDS is decreasing as more people diagnosed with HIV are getting the life-saving antiretroviral treatment
  • Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death among those living with HIV
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We’re a UK-based charity that has been providing accurate and trusted information about HIV and sexual health worldwide for over 30 years.

We want people to be able to protect themselves and others from HIV and to have happy and healthy sex lives. We contribute to the social and individual change to help this happen. In 2018-19 we reached 20.7 million people through our education website, social media outreach, digital projects and other civil society partnerships.

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Provide HIV Self-Test Kits to Stop the Spread of Aids

🇲🇼 Malawi

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