Fund the Arts Program at a Children’s Hospital

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation funds the arts and crafts program of a children's hospital to help kids through the healing process.

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The Arts Programme at Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity delivers a wide range of arts activities for children in the hospital, such as therapeutic music and dance, visual arts, distraction sessions, innovative play and fun. It encourages children to express themselves and allows the physiotherapy department to keep bed-bound children active.

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The Arts Programme helps children through their therapies and recovery. The arts activities include many health benefits that allow the children to increase strength and flexibility and recover faster. It gives children the opportunity to be creative, use their imagination and to be social, making sure that they don’t miss out on any normal childhood activities.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • 100,000 children pass through Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity doors every year
  • 48,000 children visit A&E (Accident and Emergency Department) every year
  • The Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity has also contributed 3 million pounds to the Arts and Therapeutic Design programme at the new hospital in Little France, Edinburgh
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Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity

We support over 100,000 children every year from all over Scotland by providing specialist care like spinal surgery, epilepsy surgery, neurology, plastic surgery and keyhole surgery. Through supporting families and setting up our Arts Programme, we have transformed the hospital experience for thousands of children. Hospitals can be scary places for children, so our work allows them to feel less scared and more supported and comfortable.

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Fund the Arts Program at a Children’s Hospital

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