Cahuil Village, Salt Route & Mill Tour

Pichilemu, Chile

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  • Location:
    Location: Pichilemu, Chile
  • Departures:
    Departures: 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM (local time)
  • Language:
    Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Duration:
    Duration: 3 hours
  • Operates:
    Operates: Monday - Sunday
  • Experience Code:
    Experience Code: 10256
  • Discover the city of Cahuil and learn about their famous crafts
  • Visit the Salt Route (La ruta de la Sal) and see how salt is extracted
  • Meet the founders of the Pañul Water Mill
  • Learn how villagers make local products
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Our expert guides will lead you on a tour of Cahuil, a small town known for its skilled locals. We will learn how the town's people take advantage of all the resources they have in order to transform clay into crafts, and fruits like maracuya and papaya, into delicious marmalade. Cahuil is a small town, extended on a single main street, but it's people and traditions will give you a glimpse into the history of the past.

We will then visit the Salt Route (La ruta de la Sal), and observe how salt is extracted using the same techniques from the pre-Hispanic époque. We will also visit the Pañul Water Mill (built in the 50's), located in the middle a farming area, surrounded by old architecture that is still intact, and where flour is processed in a very traditional way. We will meet the sons and grandsons of the mill's creator, and they will teach us about the process of making flour, and tell us stories of how the tradition has continued over the years.

Join us to experience the rustic traditions of Cuhuil, the Salt Route, and the Pañul Water Mill - on this epic tour into the past!

Meeting / Return Point
Meeting Point:
Hotel pick up in Pichilemu
Return Point:
Tour returns to the vicinity of your hotel in Pichilemu
  • Adult: $61 USD
What to bring
  • Towel, coat, sunscreen
What is included
  • Expert guides, technical equipment, certified life jacket, picnic (swimsuit, table and belt)
Cahuil Village, Salt Route & Mill Tour

Pichilemu, Chile