The CreceChile Adult Literacy Challenge

Santiago, Chile

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As a local or while traveling through Chile, donate 1 hour of your time by stopping by the CreceChile office and learning how to support adult literacy. Send us a photo of your experience to complete the social action challenge!


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The CreceChile Corporation is an institution dedicated more than 10 years to adult education in vulnerable sectors of our country. The mission is to be a relevant organization in the integral growth of the person and in the strengthening of the family through education.

Historically, this has materialized in projects that aim to work with adults, such as: leveling of studies, training and labor insertion. The study leveling program is focused on all adults who have not finished school. Its realization is through the work of professionals and young volunteers who become teachers week by week.

This initiative is born of the urgent reality that exists in Chile, where there are 5 million adults who have not finished their school studies, aggravating the educational gap and growth model at the country level. For this reason, work is developed that seeks to transform the educational reality from the family. The study leveling programs use the idle capacity of educational establishments during the afternoons, inviting communities and volunteers to participate. In this way, an innovative program has been developed in Chile, which has benefited more than 3,500 families, becoming a reference in social programs developed by young entrepreneurs.

The Corporation has 2 offices in our country, specifically in the Metropolitan Region, in the municipalities of La Florida and Quilicura.


Garibaldi 1653 Santiago, Chile

The CreceChile Adult Literacy Challenge

Santiago, Chile